Full time students will take 4-6 courses in each semester. Part time students will take 2-3 courses in each semester, normally required to attend for two evenings per week. Some classes (with visiting scholar) are also scheduled for Saturday.

Intensive study (i.e. two weekday evenings and one Saturday afternoon/evening per week) will be expected for taking elective courses in the summer semester . 

The courses offering in AY 2018/19:

Semester 1

FIN 7070 Finance and Accounting for the Public Sector

Assessment Method

Class Participation/ Discussion 20%


Examination 50%


PE 7010 Programme and Event Planning and Management

Assessment Method

Assignment  20%

Case report  10%

Term project  40%

Final examination 30%


POLS 7040 Law and Public Affairs

Assessment Method

Coursework: Discussion and Individual Presentations  20%

Term paper   40%

Final examination 40%


POLS 7050 Public Administration

Assessment Method

Project    50%

Briefing case paper and team presentation 50%


 POLS 7060 Research Methods for Public Administration Practitioners

Assessment Method

Project   40%

Presentation 20%

Two Individual Critical Memos 40%


Semester 2

COMM7510 Public Administration and the Media

Assessment Method

Class participation  10%

Weekly journal        30%

Case study       20%

Term paper     40%


 ECON 7080 Economics of Public Policy

Assessment Method

Class Participation/ Discussion   10%

Assignment(s)/  Course works      30%

Term paper     60%


MGNT 7080 Managing People in the Public Sector

Assessment Method

Class Participation/ Discussion 20%

Assignment(s)/Course works 40%

Examination 40%


POLS 7030 Globalisation and the World Trade Organisation

Assessment Method

short essays on assigned readings  20%

country case study paper 40%

Debate  20%

Negotiations and votes 20%


 POLS 7070 Project

Assessment Method

Project      80%

Presentation     20%


Summer 2018

 POLS7020 E-Government

Assessment Method

Participation  21%

Homework Assignments  24%

Midterm Examination    25%

Independent Project       30%


 POLS 7080 Fieldwork learning in China Public Administration

Assessment Method

Discussion      10%

Proposal before the tour     10%

Group Presentation     30%

Independent Report     50%